Why did my file size increase after using Meshmatic?

File size can increase after using Meshmatic, but rest assured, in most cases it’s normal!

When you export a 3D file from CAD into FBX with software’s like 3ds Max or Maya, the files are heavily compressed. This means the binary data is zipped, resulting in a compact FBX file. However, if you were to import this FBX file into game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, the zipped data gets unzipped during the import process which would be extremely slow since there is a lot of data to unpack and decompress.

When Meshmatic receives an FBX file that was compressed, the software starts to reconstruct your model piece by piece and saves them into a new FBX file. The reason Meshmatic does this is that an unzipped optimized 3D file makes the file easily digestible by game engines.

To sum up, it is normal for your 3D file to slightly increase in size after using Meshmatic – but you will still see significant performance improvements in your project.