Why are the nodes in my 3ds Max model scattered after using Meshmatic?

If you optimize your 3ds Max model with Meshmatic, and the nodes in your model are spread out throughout the scene when you open in Unity, it's likely because of a mismatch in the display units between 3ds Max and Unity. In this case, even though the model looks scattered, the nodes are actually sitting in the right location, but are being resized incorrectly, so they look very small and distanced from each other.

How to make sure 3ds max display units are set up correctly for Unity

If you optimize a 3ds Max model with Meshmatic and import it into Unity, you need to make sure the scene units between 3ds Max and Unity match. Keep in mind that 1 unit in Unity is equal to 1 meter.
  1. In the 3ds Max menu, go to “Customize”.
  2. Select “Unit Setup”.
  3. Make sure the Display Unit Scale is set to “Metric” in “Meters”, as shown in the image below.