What is the best way to reduce the size of my 3D file?

Whether your model has too many bolts and screws or is packed with identical windows, these repeated assets add unnecessary weight to your project. One way to quickly and efficiently reduce the size of your model is by instantiating these repeated assets. What does this mean? It means taking one copy of an asset and cloning it to replace the others. This is a very common occurrence in many 3D models.

In many engineering and architectural files, objects are instanced when designers create them. However, these instances may get lost in various steps of conversion.

While instancing duplicate objects in a model has big file size reduction benefits, the process of manually finding duplicates in a file can be a very tedious and time-consuming process, especially in a file with millions of objects where you need to sort through your outliner to find the appropriate parts.

This is where software like, Meshmatic can help. Meshmatic automatically detects and instantiates duplicate assets. By analyzing all the parts in your file and counting the number of vertices, edges, and faces, Meshmatic creates groups of identical meshes. The software also calculates the volume of the identical meshes to increase the accuracy of detection. Finally, the software creates instances of all the repeated assets are created, instantly optimizing your file and decreasing the overall file size. Keep in mind that after meshes are instanced, any changes made to one mesh will apply to all the instances.

Optimizing repeated assets is a great way to prepare your file for real-time visualizations, check out this post to learn how to use Meshmatic.