How do I import large CAD files into Unity or Unreal Engine?

Game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine work with mesh files, not CAD files. So anyone working on AR/VR projects or any type of 3D visualization using CAD files will have to export their model from CAD software as an FBX or OBJ format.

The CAD software will then convert the native model from CAD to polygonal mesh. It sounds pretty straightforward, however often times this conversion process has errors or may even lead to corrupt files. This is because CAD conversion is a heavy-duty process and 3D CAD software are designed for modelling, not conversion. So unless you have an ECC RAM, a large hard drive, and a strong enough CPU, you may want to stay away from using CAD software export option as a conversion tool.

Instead, I recommend using Meshmatic, a software that is specifically designed to convert and optimize large CAD files. Meshmatic ensures that file is converted accurately, while making it digestible for Unity and Unreal Engine. Simply export your model as a STEP file and import it into Meshmatic, it will take care of the rest. You can read more about Meshmatic’s CAD conversion process here.
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