Exporting objects from 3ds Max to optimize in Meshmatic (for Unity)

1. In 3ds Max, open the Game Exporter by selecting Export from the File menu.

2. Select Export All.

Step 1-3ds max-Meshmatic.png

3. Go to Geometry and select Smoothing Groups (shown in the image below). Activating this option retains normal information which in turn improves the render quality of your final project.

Step 2-3ds max-Meshmatic.png

4. Next, go to Coordinate System and Media and select Y for the Up Axis. 3ds Max Up Axis is by default set to Z, since Unity works on a Z Up Axis, it’s important to make this conversion in the export process.

5. Next, in Coordinate System and Media, select Embed Media, as shown in the image below.

Step 3-3ds max-Meshmatic.png

6. Choose a Path and Filename and click on Export.

7. Finally, you can import your FBX file into Meshmatic. Follow this link for a step-by-step tutorial.

8. Once your file is optimized by Meshmatic, add your model to the scene in Unity. From Hierarchy select the top parent of the node and apply -90 for X rotation. (This will be automated in a future release of Meshmatic).