Common download issues when using Meshmatic


Staff member
Feb 9, 2021
Here are some common problems that may occur while downloading your file from Meshmatic Cloud and how to resolve them:

Problem 1: My download link isn’t working​

If you get a 404 error when you open your download file from Meshmatic, it is likely caused by having special characters in your file name.

Remove any special characters ($ * . ! etc) and only use letters or numbers in your file name – dashes and underscores are okay! Then, just re-upload your file to Meshmatic and run the process again.

Problem 2: My download file is empty​

If your download file is empty, it means there was an error in the CAD to mesh conversion process, this could be caused by two possible errors.

1. First, your file may be a CAD file extension we don’t support, or the mesh may have gotten corrupted after exporting from your original software. We suggest you export your CAD files as a STEP CAD file – instead of converting them into mesh – import it into Meshmatic, and let Meshmatic take care of conversion and tessellation.

2. Hardware limitations can also lead to an empty download file. If you’re RAM isn’t strong enough, small errors can occur during saving and exporting, and your file may even become corrupted. We suggest using an error correction code (ECC) memory to keep your data safe. Otherwise, you can export your file in separate parts to put less strain on your hardware.

If you encounter any other issues, please contact, or create a post in this forum.